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Ravensong Seeds & Herbals is a small artisan seed and herbal product business located on the Saanich Peninsula near Victoria BC Canada. We grow and gather each and every one of the herbs we use to create our products we sell to you. Growing and gathering the herbs ourselves guarantees our first-hand knowledge of quality and sustainability, providing you with seeds and herbal medicines of the highest standard both medicinally and environmentally.

Ravensong makes its home at Fireweed Farm & School in the village of Brentwood Bay.

How are our seeds & herbs for our products grown?

In our gardens we use only sustainable and natural techniques, and grow all of our seeds and herbs organically without the use of any pesticides, chemicals, or GMOs. A few varieties are ethically wildcrafted on pristine private acreages or seasides.

Our seeds are gathered when fully mature, harvested by hand and further dried and ripened in our propagation house. We carefully maintain seed purity and quality as we clean and package our seeds (also by hand) for sale. We are continually growing out our own seed to check quality, and new varieties are tested for germination. We only sell high quality seeds that are fresh, and if given the right conditions will readily germinate and grow into vibrant plants for you.

For all of our herbal products we gather only the most vibrant herbs at the time in their growth cycle when medicinal qualities are at their peak. Using fresh herbs, rather than dried, for our tinctures, honeys, syrups, liniments and hydrosols helps us to create herbal extracts that contain more of the vital essence of the plants, as well as a more complete profile of the medicinal constituents than can be achieved using dried plant material.

For most of our salves and infused oils we gather the herbs and dry them, infusing them in the oil within a week after drying so that they remain vibrant and potent. Drying herbs prior to infusion allows for optimal extraction of the medicinal properties into the oil, and reduced spoilage. Our salves and oils have a increased shelf life of 2+ years over those created with fresh herbs.

What does ethical harvesting mean?

Foremost it means having a real, living relationship with the land. It means understanding the manner in which each plant grows, so that when you harvest it you act to increase its growth and well-being, rather that harm it or deplete it in any way. It means an awareness of the needs of the plants, as well other species and traditions that exist in relationship with the plants.

Building a relationship to the land takes many years of observation and dedication. It is something that, just like in all of nature, is always evolving and changing. We are forever students of nature. The vast majority of the herbs we use are grown on our farm, and those that are harvested wild are done so with a deep respect for the land. We return to the same spots year after year to seek to fully understand how we may be impacting the plants and the ecosystem.

Where are our seeds & herbs grown?

Ravensong has multiple growing locations in the Saanich BC area. The vast majority of our seeds are grown on location at our home farm location at Fireweed Farm & School. At Fireweed Farm you will find our main seed-saving and demonstration garden with a collection of over 300 herb varieties. We also sometimes lease other small plots within a few kms of our home farm. Each of our plots is under an acre. 

Where can you purchase our seeds & products?

We ship our seeds and products to Canada and the USA, and we ship our seeds to many International destinations. If you are local to Vancouver Island BC you can find our seeds and products at our home farm Fireweed Farm & School in Brentwood Bay (near the Butchart Gardens just outside of Victoria), which is open during the spring and summer months. We also attend the occasional local farmers market, and a variety of Seedy Saturdays around Vancouver Island which you can find listed on our Events page. A small selection of local garden centres also carry our seeds, including Cannors, Buckerfields, and DigThis.