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Garden Stories Contest

Tell us your garden stories! 

For nearly a decade now we've been sending our seeds out to places far and wide across North America, and we are holding this little contest to invite you to share the stories of those seeds. We'd love to hear about your garden and growing experiences!

To enter the contest submit the form below, and send us 3-5 of your garden photos to

We look forward to hearing from you! We will be featuring entries online via our website, instagram and facebook pages starting in February 2018. 

All completed contest entries will be gifted a promo code for a 5% discount off our online store. If your entry is chosen to be featured online you will be awarded an additional promo code for a 25% discount off our online store.

Name *
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Where have you purchased our seeds? *
Where did you first learn about our buisness? *
You may wish to describe any unique growing conditions, what you are growing, how long you have been growing, what your garden means to you...
To complete your entry by emailing us 3-5 photos of your garden. *
Email your high resolution pics (~300dpi) to with 'Garden Stories' in the subject line. Make sure to include the same name and email address you submitted your entry under.