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Dandelion Seeds

Herb Seeds

Dandelion Seeds


Dandelion Seeds


Chemical-free farm-grown Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) seeds for organic growing.

All seed varieties are grown at our farm, Fireweed, or gathered sustainably from the near by wilds. We gather, process, and package every seed variety we carry ourselves with love and care in small batches. We never purchase seeds from outside sources to resell to you. All of our varieties are open-pollinated, grown without the use of chemicals, hybrid-free and GMO-free.

1 pkg (approx 60-80 seeds)

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Common Names
Dandelion, Dandy-lion

Botanical Name
Taraxacum officinale

Plant Family
Asteraceae (Daisy Family)

Native Range

Life Cycle

Hardiness Zone

Low growing basal leaves to 8” tall. The sweet sunny-yellow flowers are loved by bees and provide an early spring treat.

Enjoys a sunny spot with loose rich soil.

Seeds germinate easily and can be direct sown in fall or spring, or started in flats in the spring and then transplanted out. 

Dandelion is very easy to grow and needs little care except to maintain its boundaries. It is a weed that spreads by seed or by pieces of the root left behind. Remove flower heads to prevent self-seeding. Dig up the entire tap root if you wish it not reappear. Let’s embrace this beautiful plant as a nutritious and tasty food and useful medicine for our times. The gentle Dandelion is here to stay. Let’s stop the war on plants.

The root can be harvested in the late summer, fall or winter of second year. The leaves are best harvested in spring.

Culinary Uses
The entire plant is edible and high in vitamins, minerals and inulin. The tender spring or fall Dandelion greens can be added to salad or cooked as a braising green. Very nutritious and high in potassium. The dormant season roots can be added to soups and stews, or chopped fresh and added to salads.

The flowers are often used to make Dandelion wine.

Medicinal Uses
Dandelion leaf is a powerful diuretic, as is the root. The root is one of the best remedies for clearing excess heat from the body due to liver stress and inflammation.

Dandelion root is a safe, gentle but effective tonic for the liver and is a good herb to start with when prescribing herbs to cleanse or support the liver, clear up skin conditions, ease allergic symptoms, and balance blood sugar. The root combines well with other liver herbs such as Oregon Grape (Mahonia spp), Rumex crispus), and Burdock (Arctium lappa).

The root decoction is also wonderful at reducing bloating and breakouts before menstruation, acting as a diuretic to help open the channels of elimination, and helping to regulate the hormones through its supportive action on the liver.

Apothecary Garden, Attracts Pollinators.