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10 Reasons To Grow A Herb Garden


10 Reasons To Grow A Herb Garden

fireweed farmer

Herbs! We love them! For all these reasons and more... 

(In no particular order). 

1) Beauty. Surround yourself with lacy foliage of towering fennel, the brightest blue blooms of hyssop, the soft silvery leaves of wormwood, the pale-lilac spiral blossoms of comfrey. 

2) Healing. In the home herb garden there resides a living apothecary, a treasure trove at your doorstep there to help you with your myriad complaints. 

3) Flavour. Herbs that are fresh picked and grown for your family with love will taste far better than anything else out there. 

4) Quality and economy. Forget the grocery store and wilted herbs for five dollars a bunch, you will never find herbs as fresh and as affordable as the ones you grow yourself. 

5) Diversity and variety. Grocery stores only offer a select few types of culinary herbs, in your garden you can grow hundreds of varieties you never even knew existed. 

6) Connection to ancestry. For many many thousands of years it has been in our genes to commune with plants and utilize herbs for our food and medicine. 

7) Connection to nature. Surrounded by green growth and in tune with the gentle pace of the plant world, in our gardens we find peace and connection. 

8) Sustainable communities. Creating self-sufficiency for ourselves, friends and families, sharing the experiences, knowledge and abundance of the garden is a most profound gift. 

9) Aroma. The vanilla-honey fragrance of valerian in bloom, the incense of curry plant after the spring rain, and the heavenly-scent of a mossy green blanket of Roman chamomile. 

10) Bees and butterflies. The home herb garden is a playground of sweet nectar and plentiful pollen for bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects, helping to keep the ecosystem healthy.